Chris Kelley, December 5, 2004, Cape town, South Africa

I was a musician for many years, starting as a drummer in a garage band during my high school years. I eventually became a singer/songwriter, and recorded a ton of demos. I never released a CD, although I played many clubs with my bands (Chapel of Roses - Nashville and St. Christopher - Los Angeles) and made a few music videos with my music partner Thom Oliphant in the group hip hip goliath. My interest in making music lulled during the late 90's - I needed some time out to learn how to live - how to have a decent job, how to have a mature relationship, how to screw up that relationship, how to pick up the pieces and start over...

I cut some songs in 2002 - a few for a fashion show that was held in a former mosque in Bulgaria, one as a demo testing how the years have aged my voice (and attitudes), and another which is a requiem for my father, who passed away in 1999. One of my old music buddies - Graham Perry - recently contacted me, and helped me rekindle interest in my music. I am humbled and grateful. I've cleaned up this section and added this commentary, as well as many more mp3's. Perhaps this encounter will encourage the music to start flowing again. Enjoy!

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1985: One of my old band mates tipped me to the site Nashville 80's Rock, which has an mp3 of a song that got a fair amount of airplay by my band, Chapel of Roses. I was the singer in the band...

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Permanent Wave

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